Post on: 2017-06-01.

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Those foods you’ve been eating because you think they are healthy for you…(sorry to be the bearer of bad news)…some of them may be making you age faster!


Yup! Those granola bars, multi-grain wraps, rice crackers, seasame seeds, milk, parmesan cheese, and even some vegetables (like GMO corn, canola oil, or imported snap peas) contain nutrients that actually speed up aging processes in your body. Don’t even let me start on those sugar coffees and other indulgences… (Sugar is double trouble – it  causes the formation of AGEs in the body which render parts of body dysfunctional…it’s worse than fat…yes, I just wrote that…fat isn’t your enemy!).


How Well are You Aging?

Adults today, are aging faster than any other generation before! Today, for the first time, researchers expect younger generations may not out live their parent’s generation. Even if we did grow old, 60% of us don’t want to live past the age of 90 as we’re worried we’ll have to endure a poor quality of life!


Does Aging have to Bite?

Grey hair. Saggy skin. Sore joints. Lack of energy. Poor eyesight. Memory loss…what was I saying? Aging bites, eh!? So, my inner geek got frustrated with getting old. And, I hit the research papers. To my surprise, around the world researchers have been working on aging for years – and they know why and how we age.


Let’s bite back against aging! In Aging Bites, discover why certain foods turn on aging in the body, why other foods speed aging up, and which foods SLOW it down.

Want a sneak peak?


Aging Bites Vivacious Morning Granola – “Blueberries rock your aging body! They contain pterostilbene, a seriously jacked superhero antioxidant that kicks some serious butt in the brain – they’ll be no old timer moments here.”

Aging Bites Put a Spring Back Into Your Step Gazpacho – “This is packed with antioxidants like vitamin C that protect our ears from free radicals…pardon me…can’t hear me…lol”

Protein and Aging – How Much and What Kind?  “The trick with protein is that you need enough to build your muscles…but some also turn on your aging pathways making you age faster…”