Post on: 2017-11-20.

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Perform better.

Exceed expectations.

Achieve your goals.


It’s all possible when you fuel your body right before, during and after your sport. Start with some light fuel before you get moving. Like a car, you can’t “go” without some form of gas. Fruit is a great choice as it’s tasty, convenient, portable, nutritious and easy to digest. While you’re moving and shaking it in your favourite sport or physical activity, be sure to hydrate. Through your breath and sweat you’re loosing fluid. Only being 2% dehydrated (you may have been that dehydrated even before you started playing), your body’s ability to perform has already been diminished, shows research studies. Drink up! Gulp, gulp…awesome. Water is best (unless you’re bustin’ a move for more than one hour, than reach for some electrolytes to put in your water). Phew! Done? Awesome work. Now, quick…refuel! Give your body the building blocks it needs to repair the wear and tear you’ve just given your joints and muscles. Plus, re-fill your tank so you can give your top performance next time.