Post on: 2017-06-15.

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Are you Feeling Old?

Tired? Feeling like you don’t have a lot of energy? Find yourself thinking, “Self, I’m getting too old for this…” You’re not imagining it…feeling old is a biological process that is happening in your body. What if I told you feeling old is NOT a normal part of aging? Researchers from around the world have been looking into why we lack energy as we age. [Yes, and I’ve summarized all of the research on aging in my book, Aging Bites]

1. Exercise

When you exercise it triggers your build more battery packs inside your cells…they’re called mitochondria. Mitochondria make energy. Feeling old isn’t the only problem your dysfunctional, misbehaving mitochondria are causing. They’re to blame for many annoying aging processes like hearing loss, & even cognitive degradation

2. Nourish

Certain nutrients triggers your cells to make more mitochondria like PQQ and CoQ10.

3. Protect

Other nutrients, like antioxidants found in bright coloured fruits and veggies, protect your mitochondria from pesky free radicals. Free radicals form in our cells when we eat bad foods & are stressed.

4. Boost

Put down that coffee. Get a better boost with B vitamins – their in loads of awesome foods…


Aging doesn’t have to bite. Bite back! Never “feel old” again.

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