Personalized Nutritional Consulting

"Being healthy starts with knowing how. "

From picky toddlers to CFL players, let’s get your fork in tune with your health goals.

Yes, I am deliciously geeky!

As such, you can expect scrumptious recipes & easy kitchen hacks, plus the latest research details on how you can start feeling awesome today!



Initial Consult – $125 (2 x 30 minute sessions)

Session 1: Intake Session – What’s on your fork? What is your day like? What is your health goal? This is where you spill your beans, and I get to discover ways I can help you achieve your health goal. You’ll head home with 2 ways you can get started.

Session 2: Plan Delivery –  Time to unveil your personalized nutrition plan. It will include fun and easy to use food  lists, delicious recipes, lifestyle tips, supplement suggestions if applicable), and more ways you can achieve your health goal.


Pantry Rescue – $75 (45 minutes)

Open up your pantry doors. Let’s rescue it from it’s melancholy state. In this at-home session, while focusing on one health goal, we will sort through your panty, identify the foods that are helpful, hurtful and even those that are missing.


Grocery Cart Makeover – $90 (1 hour)

Love shopping? Let’s transform your grocery cart into something amazing. Together we’ll push your cart through the aisles, helping you discover insider tricks to reading labels, finding healthier foods that work for your health goals (and you’re family’s). You’ll leave feeling excited  about what’s in your cart.


Follow Ups – $45 (30 minutes)

Want more? I’m here for you. Anytime in your pursuit of health, we can chat for 30 minutes, get you answers to your questions and put you back on track to achieving your health goals.




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