Natural Deodorant

Post on: 2011-06-08.

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Do they really work? And, how on earth are you supposed to know which is best?

Its summer time and that means deodorant has an all-time importance rating in your morning routine. And, if its not cutting it – you’ll know quickly. So, here’s some facts to get you on your way to armpit bliss.

Different Types of Deodorant
There are a few different types of deodorant. Anti-perspirants are designed to block the body’s ability to sweat. This is usually done through the use of an aluminum based chemical. Is this safe? Well, the idea of using aluminum regularly on armpit tissue (which is home to lymph and mammary tissue) raises some concern among folks – but, no studies link it’s use with disease. Mind you, research is limited to date.

Deodorants are designed to reduce bacteria growth in the armpit. Sweat doesn’t actually smell! Its the bacteria that grows in the moist environment of the armpit that smells. Conventional deodorants use an anti-bacterial agent, and a fragrance. In terms of looking for “clean” deodorants and body products, fragrances are generally a BIG “no-no”. Look for natural fragrances such as essential oils for a “cleaner” smell to your deodorant. Of note, conventional deodorants can also contain parabens – which are found in tumors…thus, these may be worth avoiding until we know more.

Natural deodorants can contain natural bacteria fighters like hops, salt, lemon oil, etc. They tend to be paraben free (but, read your labels), and contain natural fragrances. They come in sprays and roll-ons, and some are even sticks. Lots to choose from.

What’s your favourite natural deodorant? Let me know.

My Confession – I’ve been using a mineral salt stick for over two years now – and, I love it! Mind you when it’s really hot and humid out, my natural deodorant just doesn’t cut it…but, that’s okay – its hot out…who isn’t sweating???