Post on: December 12, 2014.

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Brrr…it is the season of brisk weather and dark days. Don’t let the effects of winter weather trip up your health.


Hey Men?!  Come discover nutrients that will make you feel like Superman and the Hulk all over again, and find nutrition that fits into real life.



Top 3 Things Men Should Eat this Winter for Optimal Health

1) Fruits and Vegetables

When the alarm goes off in the morning it is dark out. Driving home after work it is dark out. With all of the darkness we Canadians experience in the winter it can be hard for our body to know when to be awake and when to be asleep. The body’s sleep-wake cycle is based on information sent from sensors in the eyes the hypothalamus in the brain. The darker days of  winter disrupts this cycle, causing some people to suffer from sleep problems, lethargy and moodiness. You can shake off that sleepy head by eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are with energizing nutrients to help keep you pumped up! (Check out recipes for some fast, vegetable filled lunch recipes) When the snow falls and the fresh foods are harder to find, consider frozen fruits and vegetables or even a whole food dried powder supplement in a morning smoothie.

2) Multivitamin with Vitamin D

There is little vitamin D production in the skin during the dark days of winter. This disrupts the body’s calcium and phosphate metabolism and inhibits bone growth. Deficiencies in vitamin D have been linked to diseases including cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disorders and seasonal affective disorder. Small amounts of vitamin D can be found in wild caught salmon, mushrooms, fortified milk and soy-almond milks, but it may not be enough. With the help of a vitamin D supplement you can combat the darkness of fall. Vitamin D is available as an individual supplement, included in some omega-3 supplements or in some multivitamins. According to Health Canada, Canadian men need about 800-1000IU of vitamin D per day.

3) Protein

Do you feel extra hungry in the winter? Some people eat more calories in the colder weather, creating a layer of fat to help insulate the body and keep warm. This winter, let sweaters be your insulation and keep your toned summer abs. Enjoy a slim waistline with the help of protein. Protein is a sustained energy source that leaves you feeling full longer and feeling full prevents overeating. Woe, hold on there gentlemen! This doesn’t mean you should eat steaks and chicken wings every night. Maintaining a healthy weight involves low-fat, protein-rich foods:


 …and, Avoid Sugar

Craving sugar lately? Eating sugar causes dopamine release in the part of the brain associated with reward and motivation. Sugar makes you feel good; it is addictive. Sugar also causes obesity and has profound effects on our brains, says researchers. At the University of California researchers found when rats were given fructose syrups, instead of water, they were slower to complete a maze. The sugar disrupted synapses (relay chemical messages) disrupting the ability of the brain to form memories. When the researchers replaced the rat’s water with omega-3 fatty acids, the rats completed the maze faster.