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Place your bets! How long until the first cold hits your house? A week? A month? (Well, my money is on next week).

But, you know geeky me – you won’t find me hiding in my house, or spraying my kid’s hands with hand sanitizer all day. No, I’ve got a few things up my sleeve. From this (geeky) parent to you, here’s tricks on how to not get sick. Plus, the nutrients to help you.


Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants – “The Multi”

Despite all of your efforts to eat from a healthy plate, lets be honest the odd donut sneaks its way in there. Actually, you may be surprised – most of us are not getting enough essential nutrients. A 2017 McMaster University study found 58% of Canadians who thought they were getting enough calcium, were not! It is worse for vitamin D – 78% who are not getting enough think they are. Yikes! Vitamin D is one of a handful of vitamins (like Vitamin C) that we absolutely need to keep our immune systems in tip-top shape.

Do my kids’ need supplements? Some do. It’s easy for your diet to lack certain nutrients when you consider your dietary preferences (dislikes), intolerances (nut allergies), or special diet (vegetarian). A multivitamin can improve your intake of essential vitamins and minerals. Many essential nutrients act as antioxidants. You want lots of these – antioxidants protect your body from free radicals that cause damage and inflammation. (Yes, my friends free radicals are not helping your immune system, …or with those puffy eyes, sore joints, wrinkles, and more serious issues too).


Probiotic Rescue

This school year, I am fighting bugs with bugs. Hiya! Probiotics to the rescue! (Yes, feel free to mentally insert an image of little bacteria with capes and superhero gear). I am waging war against those invisible microbes that are crawling all over my kids’ hands; soon to make noses run and drain our energy levels. There are more types of probiotics than I can count. Each one has a unique set of health benefits it offers your body. Certain probiotics can reduce the duration of upper respiratory tract illness in physically active adults. If you’re in Canada, you’re in luck as Health Canada puts health claims on the probiotic products that carry that health benefit. POW! HIGH-YA! BOOM!…take that you nasty cold bugs.


Greens & Protein

“Eat leafy greens,” we’re always being told. But, sometimes life gets busy, and we don’t. There are many ways to eat more raw foods, including green ones. Not a fan of lettuce? There are greens powders you can hide in a smoothie (or try some kale in a blender with frozen mango or peach…yummy!). Including a greens supplement may help fill in any leafy gaps in your diet. Greens are great supporters of our immune system – it’s kinda like giving them a super-powered energy boost.

Protein is a master of curbing cravings – your fork will be less likely to stray away from your healthy plate and towards those distracting sugary foods that aren’t helping you fight off that common cold your kid just planted on your lips. Oh, baby – so sweet! The easiest way to sneak more protein into your day is with a delicious mason jar filled with your favourite nuts and seeds – mmm…perfect at your desk too!


No applause needed. You’re welcome my fellow parents.


Cheers! Here’s to keep ourselves rocking and rolling all school year long.




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