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3 No fail ways you can enjoy health

We all want to be healthy. But, it’s not always easy. You may have individual reasons why your health isn’t great. Yet, nothing about our lives make it easy to be healthy. Hectic schedules leave little time for exercise. High stress or boredom at your job can lead to eating convenience foods laden in sugar, salt and bad fat. It all can leave you feeling pretty negative. Luckily, the secrets of how to be healthy are as simple as 1, 2, 3.

How to be healthy

4 Ways to be Healthy

What’s holding you back from reaching your health goals? Probably, the fact that you are unique! Yes, we’re all unique. Your uniqueness comes from the recipes inside your cells, which us science geeks call DNA. Give your DNA the right ingredients and it will whip up the best version of you! The ingredients your cells need goes beyond your fork”. It’s a lifestyle! The DNA in your cells responds to lifestyle factors: exercise, stress, sleep, emotions. 

Here’s how to be healthy:

Making the switch from processed foods to whole foods drastically lowers your intake of unhelpful sugars and fats. Eating lots of processed foods is linked with higher rates of heart disease, diabetes and weight gain.

1. Eat Whole Foods

Eating healthy whole foods (vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes). Proven benefits to eating healthy foods include: weight loss, longer life expectancy, lower rates of chronic diseases (cardiovascular, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease) and can even improve how your genes express themselves. Simple tips to changing your food choices to include more whole foods include eating fruit or vegetables with every meal and snack, eat foods that do NOT come in a package and try to cut back on the amount of added sugar foods you eat.

2. Get active

Did you just say, “I hate exercise”? There is no one-size-fits-all exercise class, so if you’re not exercising because you don’t love the gym – stop! Yes, stop! An exercise class may not be the best way for you to be healthy!

You know exercise is good for you. Exercise has been linked to the prevention of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, hypertension, osteoporosis and depression. Here are three ways to get you jumping (pun intended) for joy over exercise!

How to enjoy exercising

3. Change your mindset

It’s not always easy to see the glass as half full, but it is the true secret on how to be healthy. Start with taking a moment to stop and smell the roses. Of course, roses aren’t always around (sadly). Taking a deep breath. Feel the solid, supportive ground under your feet. This simple action can help you centre yourself, regain a sense of calm and better tackle whatever has you feeling negative. Most importantly, give yourself a little love – you’re pretty awesome!

If you have negative feelings about eating or exercise your mindset may be inhibiting your success. It is possible that you hate exercise because your goals are unrealistic? If set goals that are too high, you fail. That is NOT very motivational.

To answer the popular question, how to get healthy, you need to set realistic goals. Small steps within that realistic goal (progressive benchmarks) will allow you to frequently feel successful and keep you motivated.

Set your goal be based on how many times this week you exercise, instead of how you look by the end of the week. If your goal was to fit into a pair of snug pants by the weekend, you need to consider is that realistic? Alternatively, feeling proud of doing exercise this week, feeling more energized and enjoying the tightness and strength that comes with moving your body – those are attainable and motivating goals. 

You can be healthy! Set realistic goals and enjoy the motivational of micro successes. It’s really empowering.

By Allison Tannis MSc RHN is an author of five nutrition books including Aging Bites: how the foods you’re eating may be making you age faster. Get her daily funny bites on her popular social media accounts @deliciouslygeeky on Instagram and Facebook.