Post on: July 9, 2014.

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Yawn. Stretch. Day dream. Surf the web. Check facebook. Read a blog.

Are you having trouble staying focused? Trouble getting motivated? Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated to get that to-do list done at work…like in summer when the warm rays of sunlight sprinkle through the leaves of the tree outside beckoning you to ditch the office chair and frolic in the grass.

Here’s an idea: get outside! Yes, go and frolic in the grass. In fact, according to a study reported in the British Journal of Sports Medicine taking a walk in nature is fantastic for you! Using three walking environments in Edinburgh (commercial district, busy shopping area, green space) the researchers found that walking in green space resulted in lower frustration and higher meditation. In addition, when people left the green space they experienced higher engagement…yes, in other words feeling more motivated to get things done!

So, get motivated and stay focused at work by leaving work and taking a walk in nature.