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Oh, how you glow when you smile!

Happier you…let’s do this! If I could, I’d climb through the internet to give you a big hug – that’s one way I can bring a smile to your gorgeous face.  Here are 8 more…

Being a bit of a food nerd, I’ve read a few studies where people end up feeling happier after some simple changes to their everyday routine. (Psst…actually, I am more like a total science geek, but let’s pretend I’m still cool enough to be your friend).

My friends, here are 8 easy ways you can enjoy a little more happiness. 🙂

Better Sleep

Eat less. In a 2016 multicenter study, healthy adults who ate a calorie-restricted diet enjoyed better sleep and mood. Calorie-restricted diets are also linked to longevity.


Stress Less

Take a multivitamin. On days when women (aged 50 – 75 years old) took a multivitamin, researchers found it improved their mood and reduced stress.


Improve Your Mood

Swallow some microbes. Researchers in the Netherlands found taking a multispecies probiotic supplement for a month helped improve mood.


Clean Up Your Act

Go natural. What do you use to clean your floors? How about your hair? Discover spotless household cleaners and natural shampoos in store.


Control Food Cravings

Indulge in fiber and protein. You ate a salad for lunch? Good for you! But, it may leave you craving donuts by midafternoon. Eat more protein and fiber (nuts, seeds, nutritional shakes) to curb cravings.


Oh, You Look Good!

Practice a little self-care. Clarify and sooth your skin with a luxurious natural skin care product. Feed your skin with silica; silica helps maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.


Find Energy

Go green and spicy! Green coloured plants are energizing. Eat more greens! Great. Now, that you’re up and going, consider curcumin for your joints – a large review study showed it’s effective in the treatment of joint inflammation. Curcumin can be found in supplements or curry – there are even powders you an make a latte with!


Party Right

Celebrate without guilt. While celebrating red carpets and touchdowns this month try eating less guilty snacks for a happier, healthier you. Here is another idea too.


Go on and smile – it looks good on you!

According to a 2015 study, those who were very happy had a risk of death that was 6% lower than those who were pretty happy. Awesome!


Here’s to you enjoying many more smiles as you #LoveHowYouAge!


Wanna Geek Out with Me?

Here are links to the studies I was talking about. High five, babe! Love your inner nerd.

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