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Food is fuel.

Athletes should not come to any ‘sport’ without having had enough food to support the energy requirements of their activity. THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR KIDS TOO!


As a touring ultimate frisbee player, I travel around North America to compete, sweat, push my body and enjoy the benefits of a social, active lifestyle. But, to perform at my best I have to make sure I fuel and re-fuel my body carefully. Here are some quick snack ideas for before and after your next athletic adventure…no matter what age you are (even if you’re a picky eater)!


Recover. Perform Better.

The body’s ability to recover from workouts requires adequate rest and proper nutrition.


The 3 Types of Fuel:


1) Carbohydrates are the main source of fuel in your body.


How much carbohydrate do you need?

A 100lb athlete needs about 250g of carbohydrates per day. Best to eat carbohydrates before exercise to ensure you have enough fuel. It is also important to eat it after to re-fill your fuel tanks.



Quick Pre-Exercise Fueling Snacks:

Raisins (small box) – 34g

Banana – 31g

Apple Sauce -14g

Nut Mix with dried fruit (½ cup) – 30 g


Foods Ideas for a Few Hours Before Exercise:

Bagel (½) with peanut butter – 30g

Fruit Smoothie with yogurt (1½ cups) – 45g

Yogurt cup – 33 g

Fresh fruit (1 cup) – 20 g



2) Protein helps to build new muscle and repair the muscles you’ve just worked.


How much protein do you need?

A 100lb athlete needs about 50 grams of protein per day. Best to eat protein after exercise or in the evening as those are times the body works to repair muscles.


Post-Exercise Foods to Help Recovery (within 30 minutes):

Banana + 2 tbsp of Peanut Butter

Yogurt and Fruit

Chocolate Milk (low fat)

Trail/Nut mix

Pita and hummus

…and water! Remember to hydrate after exercise.


How Much Protein is in Common Foods?

Chicken breast (3 oz) – 25 grams

Fish (3 oz) – 11 g

Yogurt (8 oz) – 11 g

Egg (1 large) – 8 g

Beans ( ½ cup) – 7g

Nuts (¼ cup) – 5g

Quinoa (1 cup) – 4 g



3) Fat is a fuel source for muscles during less intense exercise.


Good fat is a great fuel source! You will find good fat in nuts, avocado, seeds, fish and olives.