Post on: 2011-04-19.

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It’s almost nine o’clock and you wander into the kitchen, flip on the light and find yourself digging in the panty. Oh, the dreaded pantry. Full of delicious treats, that you just can’t resist. That bag of your favorite cookies. The box of sugary cereal. A crunchy bag of chips. The chocolate. All of which you shovel into your mouth as you make a slight moaning sound. Awe, how delicious. You lick your lips. Mmm. And, how satisfying. That’s better. Just what you wanted.

And, then it hits you. You totally weren’t supposed to eat that. The careful food choices you made all day – down the drain. The run you fit in before dawn this morning. Oh, how painful it was to get out of bed. Well, you’ll doing that again tomorrow. Argh.

Maybe its time for an Extreme Pantry Makeover.

If its there, you’ll eat it. Right!? Here’s the plan. 1) Get rid of it. Either eat it all by the end of the weekend and enjoy every mouthful without guilt. Or, grab the garbage can  and through it all out now! Either way – it’s your choice.  2) Make a vow to yourself. “I shall not bring these items into my home.” To do that, you’ll need to vow to “Never grocery shop hungry!” How do you do that? Simple. At the entry to the produce section of your grocery store, there are bean salads,  cute little take-away packages of fruit and other healthy prepared options. Grab one, open it and eat it. The price is on the top and won’t change no matter how much of it you eat, so no worries – you’re not stealing. (Not a bad idea to keep kids happy while in the store too).

Can’t go cold turkey? Still need a pantry treat? Pick healthier snacks. Like salty chips. Grab some salty nuts at the bulk bin. Sure they’re not the most healthy thing on earth, but its better. Sweets are your thing – get some fruit in the house (pineapple, berries, etc). Love ice cream – stock up on frozen yogurt or little yogurt cups (great for portion control).

My confession? Last night I gave myself a stomach ache by eating too much organic, fair trade, dark coconut chocolate while watching my favorite television show. Its not just about knowing you’re not supposed to eat it, junk food is NOT good for you – and the blood sugar rush can make you feel bad.