Post on: 2011-03-25.

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Grab a knife ladies and beef-up your diets during your first trimester. A new study published in the journal of Early Human Development has reported that a mom’s intake of vitamin B12 (found in meat) may affect how much her baby cries.

Here’s more details…
Researchers in the Netherlands measured the amount of vitamin B12 (found in animal meat and products, and less prevalent in vegetarian foods) in the blood of approximately 3000 pregnant women at the end of their first trimester. The researchers then measured how much the babies cried after birth, and how long. Babies whose mothers had the lowest amounts of vitamin B12 in their blood stream during their first trimester, were eight times more likely to cry for prolonged periods of time.

What foods contain lots of Vitamin B12?
Fish, fortified cereals, yogurt, beef, chicken.

My Confession of the day? Always take science with a grain of salt.
Here’s why. Sitting in an upbeat dinning room at a local restaurant, I was excited to spill the beans about my pregnancy to my childhood girlfriends, when the waiter came with a succulent slab of steak for dinner. I didn’t bock at the plate. Instead, enjoyed every juicy bite despite comments from my already-mommy girlfriends about how they were almost vegetarians during their first trimesters. I was a meat-eating preggo and my daugther was not a crier. Mind you, some of my veggie-preggo friends also had happy babies. Its not a perfect science – there are many factors involved in why your baby might cry. If you’re having trouble with a little one who is crying a lot try reading up on probiotics and colic, switch the formula you’re using, ask for help, take time for yourself, and never give up.

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