Buffet Blues

Post on: 2011-03-11.

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Many folks are heading to the sunny south to sit on the beach, soak in some sun rays and stuff their faces at the buffet. Beautiful displays of bountiful flavors, colours and textures. Buffets are home to thousands of options, leaving your mouth watering and stomach growling. But, will your buffet adventure leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable?

There are two types of buffet eaters: The Grazer and The Creator. The Grazer likes to try a little of this, and a little of that. The Creator finds the various parts to create a meal (e.g. smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese, tomato slices and onion). Which are you?

The Grazer may get lucky with a combination of food choices that sits well in their stomach. But, not likely. The Creator may fair better – that is only if they stick to one plate…many creators go back for more. Its just so hard to resist!

My confession today – I’m a creator who is really a grazer since I just can’t stop at one plate. And, everytime I go to a buffet – I regret it.

A Solution – pack lots of probiotics and enzymes into your beach bag this March Break.