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She’s back…

…with a few more wrinkles & a brand NEW book!

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A Few Words From the Author

“Oh, I’m bouncing off the walls with excitement! The press is printing right now! It is a monstrous machine towering over me, with bright lights and rapidly moving parts. The smell of hot ink fills my nostrils. It is loud in here but, it is almost magical. Ink is forming words in every colour. This new book is gorgeous! Papers with the most beautiful recipe photos are literally flying out of the large beast in front of me. It’s raining recipes in here – recipes to help us all age better! [Chuckle] The pages are moving over to something that looks like a hundred magical elves. It is bounding the pages together, connecting the heaps of wrinkle-free pages into glorious books. It’s here…Aging Bites is finally here!” – Allison 


About the Book


Aging Bites: How the food you’re eating may be making you age faster – A. Tannis, 2017

From the author of Feed Your Skin, Starve Your Wrinkles, comes an innovative look at a provoking challenge we all are facing – getting old. Aging Bites is an indispensable, cutting-edge look at what causes aging. It’s a journey around the world, through scientific laboratories and into your kitchen, to discover the foods that will keep you young at heart and radiant. Tannis uncovers the foods to fight off age-related problems, including: memory loss, wrinkles, stubborn belly fat, muscle loss, lack of energy, greying hair, hearing loss, age-related macular degeneration and arthritis.

Combining meticulous research and a dash of humor, Tannis demonstrates how by deploying a few different recipes into our kitchens, we can turn off aging and banish the expression “feeling old” from our vocabulary. In addition, Tannis includes a practical 3-Day Longevity Meal Plan, a shopping list and 10 lip-smacking delicious anti-aging recipes.

A brilliant, eye-opening exploration into our food choices, Aging Bites demonstrates how the food we eat today will change our future.




Allison has concocted a delectable treat to fuel us in our battle against time. Armed with humor, common sense, and cutting-edge research, she shows us how to eat our way young by revealing, among other things, the secrets of old. This book is a fantastic tool for taking control of your body machine in a culture that favors speed over sense.” – Sass Jordan, Juno Award-winner Singer, Actress & Canadian Idol Judge

Allison Tannis’ ‘Aging Bites’ tells you exactly what you need to know about aging – and gives concise, easy-to-follow advice. Highly recommended! ”— Jonny Bowden PhD CN, best-selling Author of The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth

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