Post on: 2016-01-27.

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Is there really such a thing as “happy food”? That donut, chocolate bar or bag of chips may make you smile but they are not making you feel happier. Studies have found a link between blood sugar and depression – diabetics are at higher risk for depression. We also know that there is a complicated relationship between the gut and the brain, called the gut-brain axis. What’s in our guts (nutrients, probiotics, microbes) affects our brain. Plus, the nutrients we provide our brain affects how well it can function.

Populations studies have found that some foods are linked to our mood. In fact, there are many foods that have an anti-depressant effect on our body. There really are “happy” foods!


Here are 8 foods that have been shown in both traditional dietary patterns and in experiments to have the anti-depressant abilities:


There are also specific nutrients that have been found in studies to help offer some resiliency against depression, or improve depressive symptoms. Here are 7 such nutrients:

Want more? If you’d like to read more about how these foods and nutrients effect depression, read this study in PubMed J Physiol Anthropoid 2014 on food and mental health. In it, you’ll find links to various studies that have been done. Wishing you all a happy read!