Post on: 2019-05-16.

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Best mango smoothie recipe to satisfy those cravings for summer flavours. Literally, it is the kind of smoothie recipe you want to make on repeat (and not tell anyone cause it’s so good you won’t want to share).

One slurp. Two slurps. Ahhh! This mango smoothie is the best smoothie I’ve had in months. That’s saying a lot considering I drink smoothies every day.

It’s creamy, easy to make, packed with luxurious flavour and fills you up. This mango smoothie is made with organic frozen raspberries, a fresh mango and a few scoops of nutritional power it tastes like dessert but is nutritious like a meal.

Enough of the raving, and more about the making! Grab your high powered blender and add in the ingredients below to make this mango smoothie. If you prefer it thick and creamy, like a smoothie bowl, then add in a little less water. If you love it runny enough to slide up your straw so you can slurp it up, add more water.

A quick note for my food intolerant friends. This mango smoothie recipe calls for greek yogurt but, for a dairy free option use silken tofu, coconut cream or yogurt instead.

Mango Vanilla Raspberry Smoothie Recipe



Stick it all in a blender. Take the minute while it blends to do a little dance (enjoying every chance to be active). Turn off the blender. Pour into your favourite glass. Add a non-plastic straw and get slurping!

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