Post on: 2011-07-25.

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Yahoo! The heat is here and it’s time to stoke up the bar-b-ques and pour ice into our drinks. It’s summertime – and, here are some great items to add to your next BBQ menu.

Delicious Discs
Dice the following foods into discs. Brush them on both sides with a bit of olive oil and BBQ until desired softness. It brings out a smoky, sweet flavour in these healthy food items…a nice change to the everyday boring burger affair.
– Pineapple, carrots, zucchini, sweet potato, eggplant, parsnips…(any more ideas…let us know.)

More Delicious BBQ Items to Try
Drizzle a little olive oil on these tasty foods and give your mouth a new summer favourite!
Cherry tomatoes on the vine, peaches (cut in half), hot peppers, mushrooms, corn in the husk.

And, don’t forget broccoli. Chop it up with some cauliflower, mushrooms, onions, butter, salt and pepper and wrap into a flat package with aluminum foil (or better yet, use one of those vegetable grill pans or bowls that go on the bar-b-que)…heat until desired tenderness.

My Confession – sure, I am well aware of the health concerns with eating BBQ’d blackened foods – and you should be too. Studies show that cancerous compounds can be found on blackened or charred BBQ foods. Even the best BBQ master can burn the odd piece so keep your eyes open, avoid drippy marinades and fatty meats as those tend to increase charring.

And, be savvy. Eating BBQ foods everyday is not a great idea. If you are at risk (particularly breastfeeding women as these compounds are transferred into breast milk) it might be best to avoid BBQ feasts.