Post on: 2018-11-19.

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Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Who me? Yes, me! You got me. Making this huge skillet cookie may help slow thieves down, but it’s clean ingredients will have them coming back for more.


Don’t get me wrong, salads and plants are the best foods for us. When you really want a cookie wouldn’t it be nice if there was a cookie to eat? Better yet, a cookie that came without a side order of guilt?

Go on and steal this recipe. It’s full of healthier alternative ingredients to traditional cookie recipes. Using coconut oil and nut butter, this cookie has that delicious fatty texture we all crave without leaving you feeling like you’ve just cheated on your meal plan. As for the sugar, it’s enough to keep this cookie sweet, without giving your body a sugary rollercoaster ride. Phew! It’ll thank you.

As for using a skillet, it’s just more fun! You can totally roll this batter into little balls and smash them onto a cookie tray to make more traditional sized cookies. Just watch the cooking time – don’t want these beauties to overcook and become too dry.

But, for me – I’m going for this ridiculously huge cookie with my spoon. …( then I’m calling in the family to help me devour the rest of it).


Dark n’ Nutty Skillet Cookie ?

Skillet Cookie Ingredients:


Skillet Cookie Directions:

The usual for making a cookie ?. Combine wet ingredients. Add dry ingredients. Mix together. Stick dough into skillet (may have to grease it with some coconut oil first). Put in oven to bake at 350F for about 15 min.

Pssst …Cooking time will vary slightly based on your pan, cookie size, oven, weather conditions, …and patience ?).