About Me

"Eating healthy has to be fun - otherwise, you won't do it."

As a Nutritional Expert, Author and Mom, Allison knows just how important healthy eating is…and, how challenging that can be in real life. You can bet your next latte that Allison agrees being healthy can involve eating cake!

Registered Holistic Nutritionist:

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Allison offers Personalized Nutritional Consultations that are tailored to YOUR needs. The goal is to help you find how to make nutrition easy to swallow…because if eating healthy isn’t fun, you won’t do it! There’s a variety of ways to discover where it’s best to stick your fork – or, contact us for more information.


She has been described as one of Canada’s most enthusiastic educators of nutritional science. Allison is a keynote speaker on stages across North America and has been featured in many national magazines from Vista Health, Maple to Best Health to Woman’s World.

An athlete herself, Allison works with various sport-related organizations, including dancers at Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts, Ultimate Canada Frisbee Club Teams, gymnasts, hockey teams, and more.

Allison has a masters degree in research from the University of Guelph Human Biology and Nutrition program, and is a graduate of the Registered Holistic Nutrition program from the Canadian School fo Natural Nutrition.


Allison has written five books, including:

Corporate Professional Consultant:

Allison provides professional services to companies in the area of nutritional marketing, content creation and communications. Clients include natural health supplement companies, Pritikin Longevity Centre and Spa, natural health food stores and large corporations including banks