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Move over pumpkin! You have carved out a large part of fall diets. Sure, I love your flavour a latte in my mug, and you’re sinfully delicious in pies. But, you’re not the healthiest fall food. Want to know what is? Here’s the inside scoop on what new research is saying is the best food to harvest this fall.


Don’t Squash Me, Yet

Oh, my pumpkin lovers, don’t be so sad. There’s more so good news to come. (So, you’d butternut squash me yet). Did you know squash is an excellent source of a lesser-known group of nutrients called cucurbitacins. This nutrient is found in squash, zucchini and… pumpkins! Cucurbitacins were noted as having potential anticancer abilities in a study published in Current Pharmacological Design in 2012.


Delicious to the Core: Apples

Do you remember the old saying, “An apple a day can keep the doctor away”. Do you believe it? Well, maybe we should since research seems to agree. Apples contain quercetin, a powerful flavonoid found in the skin of apples and other produce like citrus fruits and onions. Quercetin is an antioxidant – it battles with free radicals to prevent them from damaging cells in your body. Quercetin also regulates inflammation. According to a 2014 study reported in Nutrition Research, quercetin from apples combined with omega-3s from fish effectively lowered markers of inflammation in the body, as well as blood lipid levels. Beyond the typical apple sauce and crisps, consider adding apples to salad. RECIPE: Most Beautiful Anti-Aging Salad . Delicious to the core – apples are one of the healthiest fall foods.


Deceivingly Sweet Potatoes?

If you haven’t tried sweet potato toast yet, you may have been hibernating too long. Don’t squash the idea quite yet – it’s really quite delicious! And, a great gluten-free option for breakfast. Top it with anything you’d put on toast. Plus, its a low GI food: research at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the North Carolina State University discovered the most common variety of sweet potatoes grown in North Carolina, Beauregard, has similar protein patterns to caiapo, a dietary supplement marketed to control blood sugar in the United States. So, these potatoes aren’t really as sweet as they sound.


Hope this has given you pumpkin to talk about at the water-cooler at work. Be sure to gobble up lots of seasonal foods from your local farmer’s market before the cold wind of blows. Enjoy the fall harvest everyone!





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