Post on: December 21, 2014.

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Raise your glass and toast your friends and family over the holidays with a glass filled with nutrients that help your skin glow, and promotes health.


Research studies have found that certain juices contain more antioxidant power than others, making them great choices when wanting to enjoy a fruit-based beverage – and they happen to be the most popular juices of the holidays!

Apple Cider and Cranberry Juice: Antioxidant Rich Holiday Drinks

Whole fruit is always the healthiest choice; however, if you are going to have a glass of juice than choose purple grape juice, apple cider or cranberry juice for maximum wrinkle-fighting power. Research from the University of Glasgow in Scotland determined that cloudy apple juice, also known as apple cider, ranked among the highest juices in terms of antioxidant activity. Concord grape was the top juice of the twelve commonly consumed juices evaluated in the study. Concord grape was found to have the broadest range of polyphenols and the highest antioxidant capacity. Cloudy apple juice, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice were close behind. It’s important to note that in this study, and in another reported in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, cloudy apple juice was found to pack more antioxidant power than clear apple juice, as it contains about four times more protective polyphenols than its clear counterpart.

Cheers to your health! A festive drink made with real cranberry juice (not cranberry cocktail), or a mug of warm apple cider sounds to be a healthy choice this holiday season. See – it is possible to enjoy nutrition in real-life.

From my family to yours, Happy Holidays and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2015!