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Restrictive. Difficult. Unsatisfying.


Diets can be hard to figure out. Diets can  be hard to start, yet easy to quit. No matter how frustrated you are with your current diet, there’s hope. Check out this latest study!



Every Little Bit of Good Eating & Exercise Helps


According to a 2014 study in Microvascular Research, the benefits exercising and eating healthy even for a short duration can be seen up to a year later. Wow!

In the study, twenty healthy, sedentary adults (ages 55+) were asked to participate in an 8 week intervention. They were asked to exercise and/or eat a Mediterranean diet. The researchers measured their vascular health to see if the intervention had a healthy impact. It did! What is most amazing, is this short-duration of healthy living offered health benefits that were visible a year later!  Don’t get discouraged – even short durations of healthier eating and living may offer you healthy benefits far beyond what you thought.

You can do it! Come on. Get up. Get active. Eat a little healthier. And…if you fault or fail…smile, brush yourself off and try again.


What is a Mediterranean Diet?


A Mediterranean diet focuses on vegetables, fruit, fish and olive oil. Not sure where to start? Focus on getting half of your plate to be vegetables. Bright rainbows of vegetables look beautiful and make eating fun!

It is also a healthy choice to try to avoid eating foods that come in a package (crackers, cookies, frozen entrees), skip fried foods, and find ways to get two meals of fish in a week.


Diet Motivation


Even a short duration of eating healthy appears to offer your heart some great benefits – give it a try. And, remember research has proven that healthy eating really makes a difference in how you feel, look and your long-term health.