Post on: July 16, 2018.

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It’s easy to make better choices and enjoy better health this summer with these bite-sized health tips.


On the go?

Busy summer schedules need quick and easy foods: organic nut mix, canned tuna, smoothie ingredients, energy balls and whole food bars.


Hey Kids!

During summer break you eat fewer vegetables and more sugar, said the Journal of School Health in 2015. Bite wisely!


Drink up!

When it’s hot out, we consume more calories from drinks than when it’s cold, reported Nutrients in 2015. Drink water. Need a little flavour? Add sliced lemons, limes, grapefruits, mint leaves, cucumbers…


Packing a bag?

Consider including ginger to help relieve digestive upset, and probiotics to help maintain a healthy gut flora.


Sweating more?

Being more active in the summer means you need more nutrients, antioxidants, electrolytes. Seek them out! You can find them in fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables…all super easy, in-season foods. Mmm…dig in!


Oh, burn!

Coconut oil feels great applied topically to the skin. Better yet, protect your skin with a natural sunscreen and feed it nutrients such as biotin, silica and vitamin C.


Too Much to Get Done!

Summertime fun is exciting! Keep the joy – avoid anxiety. A 2015 study noted magnesium deficiency is associated with anxiety.


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